Q:        How do I make a reservation for a GETLBL vehicle?

A:        There are multiple ways to make a reservation:

  •            Call to speak to a representative at 1-844-438-5251
  •            Email us at info@getlbl.com
  •            Download our App “GETLBL” to make instant reservations and track ride progression.


Q:        Once I am booked over the phone, email, or through the App, do I need to do anything else?

A:        No once you have completed booking through the app or with us directly you are all set for your trip. If you need any additional items or need to    

           make changes to the reservation you can call us at 1-844-438-5251. The app also allows for any adjustments needed.


Q:        How will I connect with / contact my driver?

A:        All of our drivers are dressed in professional attire and will have your first and last name for verification purposes. We will also give you the number of

           your driver to stay connected. If you are using the GETLBL App, you can also easily track the whereabouts of your driver in real time.


Q:        If I am late to the reservation time, what will happen?

A:        We allow a 15 minute grace period to meet the drive. Any wait times greater than the allotted 15 minutes will be charged per 15-minute increments. 


Q:       Is gratuity included or should I tip the driver when I exit?

A:       Gratuity is not included in the quoted rate. Standard gratuity is 15% based on services rendered. This can be given to the driver directly or to the  

          company for disbursement.


Q:        What if I'm running late or my flight is late - will my driver wait for me?

A:        Yes, with an airport pick-up, if you've provided us with your flight information we will track your flight, in an effort to help you avoid wait time fees.

           Our industry leading grace periods are: 45 minutes for a domestic flight/cruise terminal pick-up, 60 minutes for an international flight pick-up and 15      

           minutes for anywhere else. After the grace period expires you will be charged wait time. Wait Time is $1/minute.

           We will try to reach you several times before completely canceling your ride. Once your grace period has ended we will wait an additional 60 minutes,    

           reach out to you once more and then we will cancel the ride. You will then be responsible for the base fare, wait time fees.


Q:        I have a small child, do I need to bring my own seat?

A:        You may bring one or you can reserve a child seat during the booking process for an additional fee.


Q:        Is luggage allowed inside the vehicle?

A:        All large luggage must fit in the trunk of the vehicle. If handheld luggage fits inside the vehicle, then it is permitted only in the back seat.


Q:        Can I travel in a GETLBL vehicle with a pet?

A:        Small pets are allowed in a carrier or cage but pet accommodations must be disclosed during the booking process. To ensure a smooth ride for both    

           you and your pet, call us at 1-844-438-5251 to make arrangements so we match you with a pet-friendly driver.


Q:        What is GETLBL’s Cancellation policy?

A:        We (THE GETLBL CORPORATION) understand that sometimes canceling a reservation is unavoidable. For Sedans, SUVs, and Mercedes, “we” allow two

           hours before the scheduled reservation pick up time, for clients to cancel without any loss suffered. Failure to do so will result in your card being      

           charged for the total of the reservation quote. For any other vehicles such as the 10 pack, 20 pack, etc., cancelation must be made 24 hours before the    

           scheduled pick up time of the reservation, to avoid any charges. Failure to do so will result in your card being charged the total amount of the    

           reservation quote.